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HMB (CAS NO.: 625-08-1)

 Supply: β-Hydroxy-β- MethylButyric acid(HMB)

English name: β-Hydroxy-β- MethylButyric acid(HMB)

Structural formula:



CAS: 625-08-1


Product standard: Appearance: light yellow to yellow semi-transparent liquid


Content: ≥90%   ≥95%   ≥98%

Heavy metal (Pb): ≤10PPm


Uses and function: HMB plays an important role in the synthesis of protein in muscular tissue, it can promote the growth of muscle cell.HMB can reduce body fat, reduce the consumption of muscle protein, increase exercise intensity and endurance.HMB can also enhance immune function, reduce serum cholesterol, reduce disease, boost health and improve living quality. This product is mainly used as food additive, nutritional supplement and

muscle enhancer

Packing: 25kg